After the Storm / 28X22 Oil on Canvas / $2000 ​SOLD

End of the Beach / 11X24

Oil on Canvas  $375

The Mill on Clear Creek / 18X14 Oil on Canvas / $615

Sailing the Slot / 18X24 Oil on Canvas


Bike on the Beach / 10X10

Oil on Canvas  $245

The Abbey at St. Antimo / 18X24

Oil on Canvas $1055

THE OLD HENRY TREE at Claiborne Crossing / 14X11 Oil on Canvas / Jack's Bedroom (grandson)

Over Shoal Bay East / 24X24

Oil on Canvas $1400

Basconi's Creek Woodford County KY / 14X11 Oil on Canvas / $425

Daufuskie 1955 / 11X14

Oil on Canvas  $375

After the Storms / 30X40 Oil on Canvas

As battered as the beaches and shore structures are at this time, the sun still rises in glory. A red sky does not forecast an immediate calm, but the beauty of Daufuskie is not diminished.  ​ $2920